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Marseille to Ile Rousse ferry

From: 150,00

Crossing Marseille ⇒ Corsica
Departure 🇫🇷 France
Destination(s) 🇫🇷 Corsica
Operated by
Sailings Up to 5 times per week
Duration 10h 30 mins.
Distance 187 miles, 300 km
Night Crossing Yes
Vessel type Cruiseferry
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The ferry from Marseille takes about 10.5 hours to the town of Ile Rousse. L’Île-Rousse, as it is often called, is located in the northern region of Balagne. Only 1 company (Corsica Linea) sails on this connection with a limited number of sailings per week.

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Ferry route map

Marseille is easily accessible by car for many, and the ferry then heads to Ile Rousse, a town relatively close to the French mainland. This makes it a popular route among ferry travelers to Corsica.

Price & tickets

Prices for the Marseille to Ile Rousse ferry are influenced by onboard occupancy levels. Use our booking system to find out what's available and the latest prices for ferries headed to Corsica. Completing your details will also reveal the costs for alternative crossings close by and for leaving on subsequent days.



The weather conditions for the ferry from Marseille to Ile Rousse can be closely monitored on the maps provided below. In the event of stormy weather, it is highly recommended to consult the Corsica Linea website for real-time travel updates.

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Marseille to Ile Rousse ferry
Marseille to Ile Rousse ferry

From: 150,00