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Destination(s) 🇮🇹 Italy, 🇮🇹 Sardinia
Duration 10 Hours
Operated by Grandi Navi Veloci, Moby Lines, Tirrenia
Sailings up to 24 times per week
Distance 243 miles, 390 km
2p+Car+Return in our estimation € 300
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One of the most popular crossings to Sardinia is the Genoa-Olbia crossing. Two shipping companies operate this route. Those are Moby Lines and GNV. Moby Lines sails in 10 hours to Olbia and GNV in 12.5 hours. You can choose for either a day or a night crossing and bring your car. Booking a cabin is also an option for these crossings.

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Ferry to Genoa and Olbia

Genoa is the capital city of Liguria and an important port city. The city has a rich history and a famous ferry to Sardinia 🙂 Most passengers to Olbia (Sardinia) choose the Genoa-Olbia ferry. About 24 boats go back and forth every week. In the summer season, it is a busy route.

Ferries at popular times often fill up. Now there is usually another ferry you can take, but it usually doesn't get cheaper if you wait a long time to book. We have experienced that the prices almost double if you try to book at the last minute. This ferry sails between May and October

On this page, you will find information and tips about these ferry crossings from Moby Lines and GNV to the Sardinian port city of Olbia.

Ferry Genoa – Olbia costs

If you want to travel by ferry to Sardinia and specifical, specificallyOlbia or the other way around you can expect,, the following prices.

  • Tickets are available from €48,-. That is for1 person without a car and a single journey.
  • A crossing with a car and 2 people in will costs somewhere around €301,- (return), for the night crossing with a cabin tickets are available from €556,- (test booking in October for July 2023)

The boat ticket prices depend on the season and the crowds, as you can see above. Specifically in peak season (summer) prices rise sharply for this crossing from Genoa to the Olbia, Sardinia. Book early to get the best price and to be sure that you can bring your car, motorbike or camper on board. Also, check the low fare calendar, a handy tool that helps you save money.

Timetable – schedule ferry Genoa – Olbia

The ferry to Genoa and Olbia sails up to 24 times per week, and up to 3 times per day with the ferries from Moby Lines and GNV. Depending on which ferry you board the sailing time can differ between 10 to 12 hours. For the day and night crossing departure times and sailing times of the crossing can differ.

Departure and arrival time differ per season but in general there are sailings leaving in the morning for the day crossing and sailings leaving in the evening for the night crossing. The night crossing takes a bit longer in general.

Book easily online
Book tickets

Tickets are available from around €44 (based on 1 person, single ticket). In general it is like the earlier you book, the less you will pay.

Port information

To get to the departure port, use the address and follow the signs to the terminal when arrived.


Genoa ferry terminal

GNV: Varco Albertazzi, Ticket Office Address: Piazzale Traghetti Iqbal Masih 5

Moby Lines and Tirrenia: c/o Terminal Traghetti – P.le dei Traghetti Iqbal Masih 5 16126 Genova.


Olbia ferry terminal

Moby Lines: Stazione Marittima Isola Bianca, 07026 Olbia SS, Italy

GNV: Banchina Isola Bianca, 07026 Olbia SS, Italië

On board the ferry to Genoa and Olbia

This (and more) can be expected on the ferries of Moby Lines and GNV

The ferries to from Genoa to the Northern Sardinian city Olbia houses some comfortable amenities. On board the ferries of Moby Lines and GNV you can expect the following

  • Swimming pool
  • Food and drinks
  • Pizzeria
  • Arcade hall

  • Outside Deck
  • Cabins
  • Childrens play area
  • Sun deck
  • Pet cabins

Alternatives to the Genoa to Olbia ferry

Travelling to Sardinia? Then there are different crossings that will bring you there. If you're looking to sail to Olbia then you can choose for alternative routes such as Civitavechhia – Olbia, Livorno-Olbia and Piombino – Olbia . If you're looking to take the ferry to Sardinia in general then you can look into the possibilites of taking a ferry to Porto Torres or Cagliari as well. Or you have to option to departure from other ports with ferries leaving to Sardinia: from for  example Civitavecchia or travelling from Nice to Golfo Aranci.

Frequently Asked Questions ferry to Olbia and Genoa

How long is the sailing between Genoa and Olbia?

The ferry from Genoa to Sardinia takes about 10 to 12 hours

How many ferries leave Genoa to Olbia per week?

On this route ferries from different companies sail between Genoa and Olbia totalling up to 24 ferries per week, about 3 daily sailings on this 390 km crossing.

Which ferry company sail on this route?

Currently both Moby Lines and GNV are sailing on the route Olbia-Genoa.