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Almeria to Ghazaouet ferry

Crossing Almeria ⇒ Ghazaouet
Departure 🇪🇸 Spain
Destination(s) 🇩🇿 Algeria
Operated by ,
Sailings Up to 2 times per week
Duration 8 hours
Distance km 201 km
Distance miles 125 miles
Vessel type Car ferry
Night Crossing Yes
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The Almeria to Ghazaouet ferry connects Spain with Algeria, offering travelers a direct maritime link to the West of Algeria.

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Ferry route map

The distance between Almeria and Ghazaouet is 201 km or 125 miles.

Prices & Tickets

Almeria-Ghazouet, after Almeria-Oran, is the shortest crossing from Spain to Algeria. The costs for these two crossings are very similar but may vary based on the number of available spots on board. You can request the current prices by using the online booking tool for all ferries to Algeria. This will also give you immediate insight into the costs for other nearby ferry routes.



The maps give an overview of the anticipated weather on the Almeria and Ghazaouet ferry route, covering key details such as wind direction and speed, wave heights, and temperature. These elements are vital for ensuring a safe and pleasant trip. Stay updated by monitoring the weather forecast.

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