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Toulon-Ile Rousse

From: 34,00

Last Updated on November 30, 2023
Destination(s) 🇫🇷 Corsica, 🇫🇷 France
Crossing France ⇔ Corsica
Operated by Corsica Ferries
Distance 156 miles, 250 km
Sailings Up to 4 Times p/week
Duration 12 Hours, 8 hours
Night Crossing Possible
Vessel type Cruiseferry
2p+Car+Return in our estimation €320
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A fast ferry connection to Corsica is the crossing Toulon – Ile Rousse. The ferry on this route takes you to the island in just over 7 hours. You will then arrive on the north side of Corsica.

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Ferry Toulon – Ile Rousse

A fast ferry connection to Corsica is the crossing Toulon – Ile Rousse. The ferry on this route takes you to the island in over 7 hours. You will then arrive at the North side of Corsica.

A major advantage of the ferries to Île Rousse is that the arrival port is close to the French Côte d'Azur. This makes this crossing a fast choice.

Ferry route map

Ferry Schedule

The sailing schedules of the Toulon-Île Rousse route depend on the season and vary significantly. There are no departures during the winter, but the frequency increases in the summer. Especially in August, many crossings are available from Toulon to Île Rousse, with options for both day and night voyages.

Since the Toulon-Île Rousse ferry service schedule is inconsistent, you should check the Corsica Ferries booking module🔗 for availability on your desired date. If the ferry is unavailable, alternative options are provided, such as departing from another nearby port or arriving at a different port.

Travel Time

The travel time varies from just over 7 hours for day voyages to 11 hours and 45 minutes for night voyages.

How long should you be present before departure?

It is recommended to be present at least 90 minutes before departure in the port of Toulon or that of Île Rousse.

Tickets & Rates

The ticket prices vary based on the number of passengers on board and whether you choose a night or day voyage.

For a rough estimate: booking early for a one-way summer journey for two individuals and a car is approximately €160. A night voyage for one trip is priced around €250. Cabin prices fluctuate based on their level of luxury, ranging from €51 to €230. As an alternative, reclining seats are available, with prices between €10 and €20.

Toulon Port Information

The ferry port of Toulon, located on the Mediterranean Sea in Southern France, is an important departure point for trips to Corsica and Sardinia. The port is a 35-minute drive from Marseille.

Near the port are parking areas for cars, car rental companies, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, and shops.

You can reach the port by following the signs for “Gare Maritime”. Opposite Stade Mayol, you can take the exit towards the port.

📍Toulon ferry terminal: 2 Av. de l'Infanterie de Marine, 83000 Toulon, France

Île Rousse Port Information

After you depart from the busy French south coast, you will quickly experience the charm of Corsica in the small Île Rousse. Île Rousse is just a small town, which due to its location is an ideal arrival point for the ferries.

When departing from Île Rousse, you can follow the signs for “Le Port”.

📍Île Rousse ferry terminal: Gare Maritime, 20220 L'Île-Rousse, France

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Toulon-Ile Rousse
Toulon-Ile Rousse

From: 34,00