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Marseille to Ajaccio ferry


Crossing Marseille ⇒ Corsica
Departure 🇫🇷 France
Destination(s) 🇫🇷 Corsica
Operated by Corsica Linea, La Méridionale
Sailings Up to 8 times per week
Distance 193 miles, 310 km
Duration 12h 30 mins.
Vessel type Cruiseferry
Night Crossing Yes
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On the ferry route between Marseille and Ajaccio, two ferry companies operate, each with a cruise ferry that sails overnight. The crossing takes approximately 12.5 hours.

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Ferry route map

From Marseille, the ferry follows the route below to the capital of Corsica, Ajaccio.

Price & tickets

Our reservation tool provides access to check availability and real-time fares for ferries going to Corsica. After you fill out your information, you can compare the prices from Corsica Linea and La Méridionale. 



Explore in-depth the current weather conditions on the Marseille-Ajaccio route to assess whether your crossing will be a smooth and comfortable experience. Should you encounter strong winds and high waves, the Corsica Linea website is an excellent resource for the latest travel updates, ensuring you're well-informed and prepared for any changes to your journey.

Wind speed and direction


Marseille to Ajaccio ferry
Marseille to Ajaccio ferry