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Ferry from Namaino to Vancouver

The best routes for crossing the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver

Duke Point-Tsawwassen

Canada ⇔ Canada
2 Hours
Up to 8 times per day
From: 19,00

Nanaimo-Horseshoe Bay

Canada ⇔ Canada
1h 40 mins.
Up to 8 times per day
From: 19,00

All ferries from Nanaimo to Vancouver

When traveling to Vancouver from Nanaimo, there are two options. You can leave from Departure Bay or leave from Duke Point. 

The choice depends on the port you want to arrive: 

  • From Duke Point, your ferry to Tsawwassen: South of Vancouver.
  • From Departure Bay, your ferry to Horseshoe Bay: North-West of Vancouver.
leaving from nanaimo to vancouver

The two ports you can choose from

One important thing to mention here: The drive from Horseshoe Bay to the Vancouver city center (and all the Hotels) is way more convenient than the route from Tsawwassen. This means the Departure Bay connection is the better option here.

One answer from a review website regarding this topic: If you can choose one of the two ferries, go for Horseshoe Bay. It's faster, more frequent, more to see, and easier to drive to the hotels via Memorial Second Narrows Bridge.

We fact-checked this review and noticed that the ‘more frequent' part is not that relevant anymore since they both have the same amount of departures per day at the moment.

When you take the route from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, remember to stop by the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver! Also, check our guide regarding traveling from Victoria to Vancouver.

Map with routes from Nanaimo to Vancouver

While we kept the 3rd route ( from Swartz Bay) on this map as an alternative, from the standpoint of Nanaimo this isn't really an alternative. 

North or South Vancouver

That's the question! If you have a hotel in Vancouver the best way is to go North, the differences are small though.

Ferry from Departure Bay to Vancouver

In just under 2 hours you will reach Horseshoe Bay, and in 20 minutes you would be at your hotel in Vancouver!

Parking at Departure Bay: Long-stay (not covered) parking is C$12.50 per day. There is quite some space at the ferry terminal long stay parking. 

Passing the Strait of Georgia:

1 bc ferries

Nanaimo-Horseshoe Bay

From Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, a connection that sails multiple times daily. The ferry ride takes about 2 hours ( a bit less), all things you need to know about this ferry.
From: 19,00
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Horseshoe Bay from above
Horseshoe Bay from Above

Ferry from Duke Point to Vancouver

Duke Point is only a half hour away from downtown Nanaimo. From there you can reach Tsawwassen (South Vancouver) in just under 2 hours. The ferry is a tiny bit slower than the one from Departure Bay. 

Parking at Duke Point: Long-stay (not covered) parking is C$12.50 per day. There is quite some space at the ferry terminal in Duke Point. It's also possible to park along the highway for free be careful though, we've seen some smashed windows there before.

Duke Point to the South of Victoria

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Duke Point-Tsawwassen

From Duke Point to Tsawwassen (or the other way around), a connection that sails multiple times per day. The ferry ride takes about 2 hours, and there are a few things you must know.  We listed them below.

From: 19,00
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Tsawwassen ferry terminal

Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, Picture taken from a Drone

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a ‘North or South' question, all over the world ferry lines this similar are rare. 

Swim =) No, it's easy to go cheap if you are using a ticket comparison service. We offer this through our booking engine above. 

BC Ferries has an above-average fleet of ferries. Especially for kids, the reviews are positive. Lately though due to problems with hiring people and such the service has dropped a bit on the ferries. But that can change per month and vessel.

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  1. Why don't you mention or talk about the new ferries from Hullo? Super exciting alternatives that will arrive early August.

  2. I read a lot of your articles and would love for you to mention more specific parking rates where you can! For example, is a day parking ticket valid from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. or for 24 hours? Just because if I were to travel from Duke Point to Vancouver and stay there for 3 days, that would be $38.50, or would it be more if there are charges for overnight stays?

    • Thanks for the question Rhys,

      IN Duke Point:

      • $1.00 for 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours
      • $22.00 for each 24 hour period · Multiple day parking allowed.

      I think that would cost you $66!

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