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On hold

From: 23,00

Distance 40 Miles, 64 km
Sailings Up to 2 times per day
Destination(s) 🇨🇦 Canada, 🇺🇸 USA
Duration 2h 30 mins.
Operated by Washington State Ferries
2p+Car+Return in our estimation $ 120
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Despite its history and significance, Sidney-Anacortes is typically the state’s most minor route. The amount of 110,000 to 150,000 passengers per year wasn’t enough to resume it’s operations.

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The best alternative to this route which is until 2030 on hold

Officials at Washington State Ferries expect to restore the route from Anacortes to Vancouver Island in 2030 at the earliest, according to a service restoration plan update from Feb. 28.

In the world of ferry routes, we see a lot of cancellations all over the world. This, however, was a unique and old route with over 100.000 passengers per year. There is a bit of good news here since there are good alternatives for this route. We made a top 3 alternative ferry routes that bring you to Vancouver Island:

  1. From Tsawwassen to Victoria (you can bring your car here, make sure you make online reservations since this route can be busy)
  2. From Seattle to Vancouver Island by the Victoria Clipper (passengers only, no car)
  3. From Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay (Nanaimo), it's a bit of a detour; this route, however, is excellent for holiday trips.

Everything about Anacortes-Sidney

I would like to mention that you have to make reservations before you go. Especially if you go by car, there are multiple cases where people had to wait 9 hours in line before they departed.

The standby line for the ferry took over 9 hours and needed a system to ensure that those who arrived early could board first. Despite coming at 10:30 am, we only board the 7 pm ferry. We had to attempt to get into the line at each new ferry arrival, but unfortunately, our early arrival did not impact our standing in line. We will make reservations next time, as none were available this weekend.

The distance between Sidney and Anacortes harbors is approximately 40 miles (64 km). The Washington State Ferries on this route sail up to twice per day. This crossing lasts two hours and thirty minutes, although this can vary depending on the weather, season, and different ships on the route. If you’re interested in booking this connection, you can try Washington State Ferries.

Here are the destinations for the harbors/ports you can navigate to

  • Anacortes harbor address: 2100 Ferry Terminal Rd – Anacortes – WA 98221 – USA
  • Sidney harbor address: 2499 Ocean Ave – Sidney – BC V8L 1T3 – Canada
Padilla Bay near Anacortes
Padilla Bay near Anacortes

Anacortes-Sidney ferry price

The cost for the ferry is ~ $23 and, of course more expensive when you travel by car.


Which ferry companies sail on this crossing?

The ferry between Anacortes and Sidney is currently operated by: Washington State Ferries.

How long does the Anacortes-Sidney crossing take?

The travel time of the Anacortes-Sidney ferry is around: 2h 30 minutes. Please arrive early at the harbor and calculate extra time for check-in and boarding if necessary. How long in advance you need to be present is usually communicated on your ticket or on the website of the ferry operator you sail with.

How often does the Anacortes-Sidney ferry sail?

You can usually take the ferry from Anacortes to Sidney (or the ferry from Sidney to Anacortes) Up to 2 Times p/day. Depending on the season, the amount of people on the ferry and the weather forecast, the ferry company can deviate from the timetable/ferry schedule.

What is the distance between Anacortes and Sidney?

The distance between Anacortes and Sidney is approximately 40 miles or 64 km.


From: 23,00