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Go by Ferry this Fall! 4 amazing autumn trips

Autumn is the perfect time for a beautiful trip. Be outside and enjoy fantastic colours in the countryside, thanks to the warm autumn sun. The largest crowds in the cities decrease during the low season. The best time to go out!

Traveling by ferry in autumn: check the offers

Just relax on the ferry. The slight swell of the ship and the beautiful views will automatically put you in a holiday mood. Avoid the crowds at the airport and enjoy your space to breathe. You can bring your own car so carry as much luggage as you need.

Sounds good? Then it's time to plan your autumn trip by boat. There are often various autumn promotions and great offers from ferry companies at this time of year. We will give you some inspiration for the most beautiful destinations in the fall.

Fall destination 1: Book a 2-night getaway to Roscoff, France

Enjoy a 2-night getaway[1] to explore the charming fishing port city of Roscoff. The characteristic town – known for its 16th century granite buildings – is built on a peninsula. Roscoff is one of the best places to view the rugged coast of Brittany.


Fall destination 2: Spanish sun on the ferry Barcelona – Ibiza

Have a late summer in sunny Spain. Feel the warmth of the sun and forget your worries. For example, combine a city trip to Barcelona with a week Ibiza by boat:

  • Visit Barcelona A plane ticket to Barcelona is easily booked. Once you have arrived in this metropolis, you will of course take a look at the highlights. Admire the Sagrada Familia and then stroll down La Rambla towards the port…
  • Sail to Ibiza From the port of Barcelona you can take the ferry across the Mediterranean Sea to Ibiza in about 8 hours. Once arrived on Ibiza you will be carried away in the relaxed vibe of island life.
Another sunny option: take the ferry from Barcelona to Mallorca. Read our article about island hopping at the Balearics.

Fall Destination 3: Art trip to The Netherlands

The Netherlands has some of the largest art museums in the world. See Vincent van Gogh’s iconic paintings in the Van Gogh Museum and visit the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam to check out ‘Night Watch’ (Rembrandt van Rijn)  and ‘The Milkmaid’ (Johannes Vermeer). 

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Seen everything in Amsterdam? Time to discover the Dutch national parks. In the fall the forests show their beautiful autumn colours.
There are several options to get to Amsterdam by ferry.

Fall Destination 4: Taste Scotch Whisky at the Isle of Islay

Are you a whisky fan? Then you can indulge yourself on the Isle of Islay. The whisky from this Scottish island is world-famous. They are happy to give you a tour at the distilleries and you can taste this Scotch whisky with a typical peaty-smoky taste. The island is also wonderful for long walks along the rugged Scottish coast.

Caledonian MacBrayne ferries sail to Islay. Get the ferry from Kennacraig on Kintyre, landing at Port Ellen (in 2 hours 10 minutes) or Port Askaig (in 1 hour 55 minutes).
Whisky distillery at the Isle of Islay

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