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Sweden: a road trip adventure in the middle of nature

Grab your SUP board and explore the area while paddling. Enjoy the tranquility of the water and let the scenery slide past you. Can you imagine yourself camping by a beautiful Swedish lake?

Traveling through Sweden is probably already on your wish list. And rightly so. Read on and discover what this beautiful country has to offer.

This is why a road trip through Sweden should be on your bucket list

  • Nature in Sweden is breathtaking. Endless forests, sparkling lakes, peace and quiet. Hiking and cycling enthusiasts can indulge themselves here. You can explore the waterways while supping or canoeing. The eco-conscious Swedes also cherish their beautiful nature and you will notice that during your trip in the clean environment
  • Maybe you share your breakfast with a curious moose; because wild camping is officially allowed in Sweden! Pitch your tent on the shore of Sweden's most beautiful lake or park your motorhome wherever you want
  • Don’t forget to visit the civilized world every now and then and discover the vibrant cities of Sweden. You will find nice coffee bars, shops, museums and historic buildings here. Stroll through the streets and immerse yourself in Swedish life. Also great that the Swedes speak fluent English and are always willing to help you
  • Did you know that Sweden has a very pleasant climate? With average high summer temperatures ranging between 20˚C and 25˚C (68F and 77F). In summer you enjoy endless days when the sun only sets for a very short time. And more good news: it doesn’t rain that much

The best nature destinations in Sweden

Favourite areas for a tour through Sweden are Dalarna, Värmland and Småland. These regions, full of lakes and forests, are located in the southern and central part of Sweden. If you are looking for something a little higher, head north towards the mountains of Jämtland Härjedalen. You can go hiking or mountain biking here through the most rugged mountain landscapes.

Plan your trip
Map out your ultimate Swedish road trip yourself. This is a useful site with all travel information: VisitSweden.

How to get to Sweden by ferry

Ready to leave for Scandinavia? Many people drive to northern Germany and take a ferry there. If you opt for a long crossing from Germany to Sweden by ferry, for example, the popular route Kiel – Göteborg, you will skip a large part of the car journey to Sweden. On board, you enjoy great comfort, good food and a private cabin. Such a large boat is in itself quite an adventure.

If you prefer to drive as much as possible, you can opt for a shorter crossing from Denmark or Germany or take the Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Our tip: buy a combination ticket for ferry & bridge.

FerryGoGo has mapped all ferry connections and alternative routes to Sweden. Check them out and plan your dream trip to beautiful Sweden.

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