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Stena Vinga to Sail Between Rønne and Køg

Stena Vinga from Stena Line's ferry fleet is scheduled to operate from the Danish seaport of Køge to Rønne from 11 to 27 April 2023. Bornholmslinjen will charter this ferry to cover for Hammershus during a scheduled refit.

Stena Vinga sailed as Hammerodde on the same route (Rønne to Køg) until Molslinjen’s Bornsholmslinjen took over five years ago. Therefore, it was convenient for Bornholmslinjen to charter the ferry from 11 to 27 April 2023.

“With STENA VINGA, we get a ferry that we know will fit into berths and gangways, so that it should cause as little inconvenience as possible”

Molslinjen's commercial director, Jesper Skovgaard

Change of Departure Time

Stena Vinga will depart from Rønne at 16:00 instead of 17:00. This will be the only difference in the daily routine. The good news is that this will give extra time at Køge to load the new ferry.

About Stena Vinga

The 2005-built Stena Vinga serves as a reserve vessel for many of the Stena Line’s routes. After its temporary return to the Køge to Rønne route, the ferry will be brought back to serve on the Frederikshavn-Gothenburg connection.

  • Year Built: 2005
  • Vessel type: Catamaran
  • Number of Passengers: 400
  • Length: 129.9m
  • Width: 23.4
  • Previous Names: HAMMERODDE

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