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Keep the kids entertained on board

Let the anticipation begin, because the ferry is a big adventure for children. They don't have to stay in their seats. In fact, there’s plenty of space to play. And as soon as the children are happy, you are happy: your holiday is about to start now!

5x the best entertainment for children on board the ferry

There is a lot to do for children on the large ferries and longer routes to countries such as the UK, Sweden and Norway.

These are the 5 best activities for children onboard the ferry:

1. Enjoy the view through your own porthole

What a great cabin! With bunk beds and a real porthole, a sleeping cabin encourages children’s imagination: the gigantic ocean stretches in front of you. An en-suite cabin with private bathroom is ideal for a family. Get fresh and well rested in the car the next morning and continue your journey.

2. Playing in the Kids club

Of course there is plenty of entertainment on board the ferries. For example, on the P&O Ferries and Stena Line boats there are special areas for children where they can enjoy doing crafts, Air hockey or dancing in the mini disco. Of course they get their faces painted and eat Fish & Chips looking like a mermaid or pirate.

3. Gaming and playing basketball on deck

The older children will not get bored either. Many ships offer a lot of facilities like an arcade room where the kids can enjoy themselves with video games. Is the weather nice? On board Stena Line Hoek van Holland-Harwich you can even play basketball on deck. In a cage of course, so that the ball stays inside the boat 😉. Also very interesting: parents can try their luck at the casino.

4. To the cinema

Fancy going to the movies? Many large ferries have a real cinema room on board, where you can stare at a big screen for a few hours with a bucket of popcorn on your lap. Important to know: there is always WiFi on board, so bring your own device on holiday.

5. Duty-free shopping

That’s fun pastime for your teenager. You sail in international waters, so take the opportunity to shop duty-free. Just like at the airport, you don’t have to pay taxes on an international ferry.

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