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Incat is confident it can deliver the largest zero-emission ferry in the world

While LNG is the cleanest of the fossil fuels[1]How clean is LNG – NationalGrid, you can't really call it 100% green. Maybe that's why Incat is currently talking with one of its clients: Buquebús. To change the 130-meter lightweight ferry they are building, which is intended to be powered by LNG towards a 100% battery-electric solution.

If this would happen this lightweight ferry would be the largest, lightweight, zero-emissions ferry operating on any route in the world.

To make this work the harbors need to cooperate as ferries need a lot of energy to make this happen, and they also need to be able to pull this energy out of the harbor quickly.

“Obviously, there needs to be sufficient energy supply in the ports that the ship would visit but we understand that this is progressing positively. The batteries and electric motors are being worked through with our suppliers, to ensure they can deliver the technology required in the timeframe we need them.

Incat Group Chairman and Founder Robert Clifford 

Incat Managing Director Craig Clifford says this is a unique opportunity for Incat. Whilst there are always challenges if you change any aspect of the design of a ship part way through the build, in simple terms, this is just swapping one method of propulsion for another: it will however have significant environmental benefits, and open up a whole new market for these types of vessels.

  • Name of the project/vessel: INCAT HULL 096
  • Vessel Type: 130m WPC
  • Operator: Buquebus

1How clean is LNG – NationalGrid

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