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Hong Kong Going Hybrid: Two New Ferries Launched

Sun Ferry Services Company plans to deploy two brand new BV-classed hybrid ferries with onboard battery and solar power technology in Hong Kong.

About Urban Sprinters 1000 Ferries

Designed by CoCo Yachts, the Urban Sprinters 1000 ferries will sail between Central Pier and Cheung Chau Pier and transport around 4 million passengers per year. Both vessels will be built by YaGuang Technology and surveyed and certified by the French marine testing body, Bureau Veritas.

Both ferries will have an aluminum hull and superstructure, a battery pack for overnight energy, and four Azimuth L-type thrusters.

To enable zero-emission operation within pier boundaries, the first ferry will be built with hybrid diesel-electric propulsion. As for the second vessel, it will feature a diesel-electric propulsion system. We should also mention that the third deck of each ferry will be covered by solar panels.

These Urban Sprinter 1000 hybrid ferries are to be delivered in Q2 of 2024 and Q1 of 2025.

Sailing Time & On-Board Amenities

During the approximately 60-minute trip from Central Pier to Cheung Chau Pier, passengers will be seated on the main and upper decks. To enjoy spectacular views, passengers can make their way to the third deck.

In addition to air conditioning and comfy seating, passengers can also look forward to a range of amenities on these 2 BV-classed hybrid ferries including an information desk, a baby car room, and 2 dedicated pet areas.

“BV is very proud to play a significant role in this partnership with CoCo Yachts, YaGuang Technology and Sun Ferry, to deliver these innovative ferries for Hong Kong domestic waters. BV is honored to support the project from its inception, providing full plan approval and design support, and we are happy to help advance innovation that is much needed to achieve a carbon-neutral and sustainable future for the benefit of all marine stakeholders, the environment and society as a whole.”

Alex Gregg-Smith, senior vice president and chief executive, North Asia and China at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore

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