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ForSea ferry to Sweden: a battery powered ship

The soothing sound of the water and the call of seagulls: that's all you hear during the crossing between Helsingør (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden). No noise and vibration of a rumbling engine, because ForSea brings you to Sweden with an electric boat.

Powered by batteries, this eco-friendly ferry is the most sustainable alternative. Moreover, it is an affordable and fast way to travel to Sweden.

ForSeas green ferries

All over the world, ferry operators are trying to become more environmentally friendly by using clean-burning fuels or electric drive. ForSea is one of the frontrunners. Two out of five ships are fully electric: the Aurora and the Tycho Brahe have been converted and run entirely on batteries. The goal of the Swedish ForSea is to sail the entire fleet emission-free.

On the electric ferry to Sweden you will experience a calm crossing with beautiful views. Thanks to ForSea's timetable you will never wait too long in the harbour. Every 20 minutes a boat leaves to the other side of the Øresund.

CROSSING TIME 20 MINUTES – It's only a short boat ride away. The Helsingør – Helsingborg ferry route is strategically located in the narrowest part between Denmark and Sweden. It is about 4 kilometres wide and the crossing takes only 20 minutes.

Tax-free shopping on board

Get a quick cup of coffee, visit the Tax Free shop and arrive in Sweden before you know it. Eating a meal in peace may seem impossible during a 20-minute crossing. Yet there is a restaurant on one of the ships, the Aurora. Is your plate not empty yet? Stay put and sail back and forth a few times. Think of it as a mini cruise experience!

Don't have sea legs?

If you travel to Sweden by car, you will have to cross the sea. There are two options: by boat or toll bridge. From Germany (Kiel or Travemünde) you will be on the ferry for 10 to 15 hours. Don't feel like a long sea journey? These are the other options:

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  1. If this is a smoother boat with being electric, it’s definitely for me! I hope I will be less sea sick!
    I love the idea of electric boats – they are more environmentally friendly, as they produce zero emissions. They are also quieter than traditional boats/ferries, making them a good choice for areas where noise pollution is a concern. I also read that they are often more efficient than traditional boats, meaning they can travel further on a single charge!

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