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Find a Ferry Near Me: This is how you find one!

Every year over 4.27 Billion passengers travel by ferry[1]Ferry Facts ā€“ You are probably one of them right now: looking for a nearby ferry crossing. Since Google Maps is incomplete on ferry lines you've come to the #1 website to fix this for you:

We try to provide the best possible insight into where ferries go in your area. Whether you are in Europe, Asia, or America.

How do you find a ferry near you?

There are 4 convenient ways to find out where the ferries or ferry terminals are near you:

1. Use our ferry maps

We make unique maps per country or region with all ferry routes. So if you know where you are, our maps will help you find ferries with the destinations they have. To do this, go to our menu and search by country or region.

To give a bit of inspiration to find a ferry near you if you are in the US, UK, or the Bahamas (Lucky you!) click on the pages with ferry routes and maps below:

2. Google Maps can work!

Google maps is quite ok in finding local ferry maps and provides information about most of the ferry terminals nearby. However, much of the connections are outdated and you can't see at a glance where the ferry is sailing to and where to book it. But still: Quite a good overview.

3. Check the current locations of the ferry

For this to work you need to know where you are on the map and you have to look at the green ships. Those are the ferries. You don't want to travel with a military ship or large cruise ship!


Look for the green icons:

Conclusion: Finding that ferry line

With FerryGoGo we are on a mission: To provide a complete overview of all ferry connections in the world, not scripted with mistakes and outdated info: but hand-written with guides and maps. We are pushing hard to to reach it but to have every map of the world online will take time.

Until then:

  • Follow and visit our website often
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  • We'll get there!

1Ferry Facts ā€“

Use our ferry guides and maps



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