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Explore The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is located off the coast of Southampton in South East England. A ferry sails you from mainland Great Britain to this idyllic holiday island where you will find sandy beaches, limestone rocks, vast forests and beautiful gardens.

It's just a little warmer on the Isle of Wight

The mild climate is a special extra. It's usually a few degrees warmer on the island than on the mainland. Thanks to its southern location and the warm Gulf Stream. A rain shower doesn't last long, because of a constant gentle breeze. Perfect for a family, cycling or walking holiday. So… hop on the ferry to the Isle of Wight!

Isle of Wight

Top 5 Isle of Wight: things you must see

You can easily stay for a week on the Isle of Wight. There’s plenty to see[1] The island has a lot of unique nature sights and hiking tracks. So let your mind wander while you go on a hike along the imposing coast of the Isle of Wight and sip afternoon tea in one of the many traditional English villages. You must also see these 5 sights:

What will you be doing on the Isle of Wight?

1. Take a picture of The Needles. The iconic Needles are three imposing chalk cliffs off the west coast of the island. Catch the chairlift and descend along the coloured sand cliffs: you will have a beautiful view of the photogenic Needles.

The Needles

2. Newport is the island's main town in charming Victorian style. Shop-a-holics can also indulge themselves here

3. Sun, sea and beach with the kids. Shanklin beach and Sandown beach are the best (sandy) beaches on the island for a classic beach day. The best pictures are taken at Freshwater Bay (on the west coast). Listen to the sound of the stones as the waves roll onto the beach

4. St Catherine's Oratory is a medieval lighthouse on top of St Catherine's hill

5. The Osborne House was Queen Victoria's holiday home. Now the beautiful royal palace and the stunning gardens can be visited

How do you get to the Isle of Wight?

Boats from Ferry operators Red Funnel and Wightlink depart daily to the Isle of Wight. The crossing is short, because the island is just off the coast. You can depart from different ports:

Are you traveling from the Netherlands, Belgium or France? Then Southhampton and Portsmouth are the most convenient. You can drive here in a few hours from the British ferry ports Dover and Harwich.

Wightlink ferry

By boat to the UK

Directly to Portsmouth
Cruise directly from France to Portsmouth and depart from Le Havre, Caen, Cherbourg, or Saint Malo. The ferry crossing takes longer, but the advantage is that you can transfer directly to the ferry to Isle of Wight in Portsmouth.
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  1. Does anyone know, are there also like non-English tourists on this island or is it 100% English?

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