De Vriendschap shipping company has been transporting passengers from Vlieland to Texel and back for many years. The Wadden ferry is only operational in peak season, which ends in September. It is a fairly small ship which carries only pedestrians and bicyclists, and the crossing is authentic and adventurous. A huge beach truck drives you to the long wooden pier in Vlieland, across 12 km of nature reserve Vliehors. If you are ever in a position to make the crossing in either direction, you should definitely go for it.

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Tickets can be purchased at the Vakantiewinkel (the Holiday Shop; Dorpsstraat 52 on Vlieland), but can also easily be booked online. The latter is recommended, as pedestrian traffic is common among island-hoppers. You can bring your bicycle on a one-way trip.

The Vliehors Express takes you from the Posthuys hotel in Vlieland to the pier at the farthest reach of the largest sand mass in north-western Europe. On arrival, disembark at bus stop “Paal 33″.

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Wadden ferry de Vriendshap (Friendship) is a boat that provides various tours, cruises and other tips on the Wadden Sea. The boat also provides a connection for pedestrians and bicyclists traveling between Texel and Vlieland. If you want to book…