Ferries depart to Harlingen several times a day. Tickets are normally purchased as a round trip for a holiday on Terschelling. One-way tickets are also available.

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? Travel time ± 1h 25 mins. 
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⚓ Fast ferry
? Travel time ± 45 mins
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Tickets can be purchased at the window, but it is recommended to do so in advance. It will help streamline your travels, and you will not run the risk that tickets are sold out. It is easy to make ticket reservations online.

Ferry Companies that sail from Terschelling to Harlingen

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Doeksen Shipping has operated a ferry service between Harlingen and the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland for many years. Doeksen is the only ferry company that sails to these Wadden Islands from Harlingen. They also provide a connection between…