The ferries Pride of Rotterdam and Pride of Hull sail from Rotterdam to Hull. One crossing takes place every day. It departs in the evening and arrives the next morning. An interior hut with beds for two to five people is included in the ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. 

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Four different kinds of tickets are available for the passage from Rotterdam to Hull. Different categories of tickets are: Extra Advantage, Standard Flexible, Premier, and Premier Plus. Rates for a one-way trip are €169. This applies to every passenger, including toddlers and infants. Tickets can be reserved online.

Transportation to the Terminal and Parking Information
There is plenty of car parking space at the Luxemburgweg 2 terminal in Europoort. It is also free of charge. Public transportation does not offer a convenient connection, so the P&O busses departing from Rotterdam Centrum and Amsterdam are recommended. Make your ticket reservations by calling 010 714 54 64.

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P&O Ferries is a huge European corporation that operates various ferry routes from the United kingdom and Ireland to for example France, Belgium and The Netherlands. You can sail from  Dover to Calais in 90 minutes. You can also sail from Hull to…