The ferry to Terschelling is operated by Doeksen Shipping. The company operates two different types of ships, and applies different rates.

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? Travel time ±1h 20 mins.
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? Travel time ± 45 mins
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Travel information

Tickets can be purchased at the window, though you are recommended to do so in advance. This will help streamline your travels, and you will not run the risk that tickets are sold out. It is easy to make ticket reservations online.

There are a number of parking lots in Harlingen. These are not operated by Doeksen, and are at varying distances from the terminal. On busy days, you might be forced to look for a parking spot on a lot that is farther removed from the boat. Please make sure to arrive in plenty of time to find a parking spot and make your way to the terminal. Signs point the way to the parking lots. Parking garage Veerterminal is adjacent to the ferry terminal, and parking lot Tjerk Hiddes is a 10 minute walk. The parking lots also provide shuttles.

Arrival on Terschelling
Terschelling provides buses that link the various towns, and taxis are widely available. However, Tershelling is a real bicycle island. Bicycle rental companies will deliver rented bicycles to the ferry terminal for you. This can be easily arranged in advance and will increase your enjoyment of the ferry experience.

Companies that sail from Harlingen to Terschelling:

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Doeksen Shipping has operated a ferry service between Harlingen and the islands of Terschelling and Vlieland for many years. Doeksen is the only ferry company that sails to these Wadden Islands from Harlingen. They also provide a connection between…