The ferry to Rotterdam departs from the English city of Hull. The passage to Rotterdam is a pleasant way for visitors from the UK to start their holidays on mainland Europe. Passengers can travel by night boat and continue their travels the following day. It is also an excellent way to explore Dutch cities from departure points in the middle of the UK.

About Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands, known for its port and modern architecture. The port is one of the most important in Europe, and has a length of 40 km from the sea.

Rotterdam is a vibrant city and an adventurous destination, because not all activities are centrally located. You could take a high speed water taxi to different parts of the city to enjoy a completely different atmosphere and vibe.

Ferry companies that sail to Rotterdam:

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P&O Ferries is a huge European corporation that operates various ferry routes from the United kingdom and Ireland to for example France, Belgium and The Netherlands. You can sail from  Dover to Calais in 90 minutes. You can also sail from Hull to…