The ferry to Ameland is between Holwerd and Nes. The two other connections with Ameland are only available during peak season and operated by an excursion boat. This boat is occasionally sailing between Ameland and neighbouring islands. The latter is really only suitable for island-hoppers traveling without a car.

About Ameland
Ameland is part of Friesland Province, and it is the fourth largest inhabited Wadden Island in the Netherlands. There are four island towns, each with its own distinct character, are well worth visiting. Ameland consists mostly of sand dunes and has 27 km of coastline. It is also called the bicycle island, because of its 100 km of bicycle paths. The island has a small airport and two bus routes that link each of the towns. Wagenborg shipping company provides a daily ferry service between Ameland and the mainland.

Ameland is a true family island. It has a number of holiday resorts that are extremely suited for families with small children. This is also the place to enjoy beaches and nature hikes. Other activities available on Ameland are golf, surfing, bicycling, sky diving, and seal watching excursions.

Ferry companies that sail to Ameland:

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This boat was constructed specifically to sail the Wadden Sea. It is mentioned on our ferry website because the Robbenboot also sails between Ameland, Terschelling and Schiermonnikoog. It is ideal for visitors who want to spend some time island…

You can take a ferry or water taxi to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog 365 days of the year with Wagenborg Passenger Services. The ferry ride takes approximately 45 minutes from the port in Holwerd to Ameland. The water taxi only takes about 15 minutes…