From the Netherlands there are 3 ferry services to England. Click on the city name for all information about the ferry concerned to England or Scotland. Alternatives to coming to England are via the Belgian Zeebrugge, or the French towns of Duinkerke or Calais. In this last city, both ferry and Eurostar depart train. For people from the Netherlands, the ferry to Engeland that departs in Harwich is the cheapest one. 

You can travel to England through all ferries and the Eurostar. From there there are good connections to the larger cities that are more inland. In addition, many people travel from Newcastle to Scotland. For those people who prefer the train over the car, it is also true that the connections to the English interior are good. All ferry services arrive in fairly large places. These are also definitely worth a visit!

Ferry companies that sail to England

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DFDS Seaways is focused primarily on ferry crossings from Dover to Dunkirk, and mini-cruises to Amsterdam (IJmuiden harbor). 24 crossings with a luxury ferry take place between Dover and Dunkirk every day. You can easily take your car on board with…

P&O Ferries is a huge European corporation that operates various ferry routes from the United kingdom and Ireland to for example France, Belgium and The Netherlands. You can sail from  Dover to Calais in 90 minutes. You can also sail from Hull to…

Stena Line offers many different ferry routes from the Netherlands to the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Norway. This very large ferry company provides more than 20 different routes every day. You can easily take your car and trailer with you for this…