The ferry to Eemshaven departs from Borkum and is operated by AG-EMS. This service is generally purchased as part of a return ticket by passengers heading to their holiday destination in Borkum.

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🕒 Travel time ± 50 mins.
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⚓ Fast Ferry
🕒 Travel time ± 25 mins.
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⚓ Water taxi
🕒 Travel time ± 45-50 mins.
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Travel information

An adult one-way ticket starts at €17.50. A €5.50 surcharge purchases passage on the catamaran.

Public Transportation
In 2017, a taxi is recommended for your trip to Roodeschool. A railway line will become operational in 2018, which means passengers can take the train from Eemshaven.

Ferry Companies hat sail from Borkum to Eemshaven:

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The AG-EMS Borkum Line provides ferry services from Emden in Germany and Eemshaven in the Netherlands to the German island of Borkum. You will travel on specialised, modern ferries, and can also take your car. This round trip has been operational…