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Discover the most beautiful places on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is located in the middle of the Irish Sea. Thanks to its sheltered location between Northern Ireland and Great Britain it has a mild maritime climate. The typically rugged English landscape is perfect for long walks.

You want to see this island with your own eyes

The entire Isle of Man is recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. When you see the stunning scenery and overwhelming nature it hits you right away. The rugged landscapes, epic history and influences of the Celts and Vikings also contribute to the mystical atmosphere on the island. And the cozy harbor towns have a lively culture and excellent catering. There is something for everyone: enough reasons for a trip to this unique island in the Irish Sea!

The Isle of Man, like the Channel Islands, is a self-governing British crown dependency with King Charles III as head of state: Lord of Mann. The Isle of Man is therefore not part of the United Kingdom.[1] This separate status of the island makes the Isle of Man fundamentally different from England. For example, the island is a tax haven for companies and there is no speed limit on many roads.

The most recommended locations on the Isle of Man? We'll walk you through it.

The Isle of Man is a real hiker's paradise

Walk on endless coastal paths along ominous cliffs. Across the purple flowering heather you arrive at the mysterious valley where you follow the river upstream…

Our hiking recommendations:

  • South Coast Adventure Walk: The Chasms and Sugarloaf. Hike past dangerous gorges and fantastic rock formations
  • Hiking through a gorge towards the falls: Glen Maye, Glen Helen, Ballaglass Glen and Glen Mooar are the most beautiful Glens on the island
  • Snaefell: This mountain is the highest peak on the island and offers a beautiful view of the entire area. In good weather you can see Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales
  • For the real adventurer: go sea kayaking and spot the many seals that swim around the island
Ballaglass Glen – Isle of Man

A heart-pounding ride down Mountain Road

The public mountain road on Isle of Man is known for Mountain Course, a prestigious TT race (see box). The beautiful views and many bends make driving on Mountain road a true experience. Good to know: there is no speed limit on this road!

ISLE OF MAN TT RACE – Mountain Course is a race circuit on the Isle of Man. The festival attracts many visitors every year and is one of the most prestigious and dangerous TT races in the world. The motorcyclists race on Mountain road, the public road around the island.

Discover the history of the Isle of Man

Experience some culture on the Isle of Man. The island has a rich history, great old buildings, towers (recommended: Milner's Tower), castles, and a real steam train. You must have seen these:

  • The Vikings built Peel Castle in the 11th century. You can visit this intact castle which is located on a peninsula
  • Cregneash: this village is one of the best-preserved examples of traditional Manx village life from the 19th century; with historic buildings and lively demonstrations of traditional crafts
  • Explore the island during a ride with the Isle of Man Steam Railway, with original steam locomotive and carriages. The steam train journey from Douglas to Port Erin takes an hour

The ferry to the Isle of Man departs from

You can get to the island by ferry from England, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. All ferries arrive on the Isle of Man in the seaport town of Douglas.

United Kingdom

Departures from Heysham – Douglas and Liverpool – Douglas

Northern Ireland

Departures from Belfast – Douglas


Departures from Dublin – Douglas

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