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DFDS Raises Outlook due to strong Q3

Group revenue increased 64% to EUR 0.97bn driven by the continued recovery in passenger numbers and spending as well as price increases for freight services to cover rising energy and other costs. These results made DFDS increase its outlook for Q3.

Revenue was also increased by the acquisitions of HSF Logistics Group in September 2021[1]DFDS: HSF logistics and Eurofresh now part of DFDS and ICT Logistics in January 2022.

  • Q3 EBITDA up 88% to EUR 0.21bn
  • Higher earnings in all business units
  • Passenger earnings 11% above 2019 (pre-Covid-19)
  • Full-year EBITDA outlook raised to EUR 0.65-0.67bn.

The outlook for Q3 increased from EUR 0.59-0.65bn to EUR 0.65-0.67bn. A slight increase that didn't make the stock-price move a lot:

DFDS stock

At FerryGoGo we also think the problems surrounding P&O ferries this summer pushed the stock and passenger numbers upwards for DFDS. Simply because many passengers had to book from P&O ferries to DFDS on the Calais Dover route.


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