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A day trip to Isla de Lobos

Tiny Isla de Lobos: great for a day trip from Fuerteventura. You have seen the whole island after a magnificent 10-kilometre hike. Of course, you can also relax on the beach or swim and snorkel in the clear blue water.

So, are you looking for a haven of peace in the tourist bustle of the Canary Islands? Then take the ferry to the uninhabited Isla de Lobos.

Take a Ferry or water taxi

From the port of the seaside resort of Corralejo (Fuerteventura) you take the boat to the island of Lobos. Various water taxis and ferries sail to Lobos: just google water taxi Lobos and you will find various providers of a return ticket or an excursion to the island. The fast water taxis sail to Lobos within fifteen minutes. Prefer a slightly larger boat? There is also a ferry to Isla de Lobos.

Explore Isla de Lobos on foot or by mountain bike

You can enjoy the beautiful nature of Lobos on a hike or take your mountain bike on the ferry and explore the island during a biking tour. Admittedly, the landscape on Isla de Lobos looks barren, but this is what makes the panoramas on the island so special. Moreover, you will find 140 unique plant species that give the whole a bit of color.

Places not to be missed during your day trip are the lighthouse (Punta Martino lighthouse) and the highest point of the island: the volcano La Caldera. You should also visit the salt fields and the beautiful beaches. Bring your snorkel for a look at the underwater world of Lobos.

The beach of Corralejo (Fuerteventura). You can see the island of Lobos in the distance

5 things you should not forget during your day trip to Isla de Lobos:

  • A visitor pass. The island of Lobos is a protected natural area and allows a maximum number of visitors. So book your ticket online in time. With some ferry trips that you book in advance, access is arranged for you
  • Sunscreen and sun hat: important, because there is hardly any shade on the island
  • Water! Carrying enough water is essential. You cannot buy water anywhere on the island and especially in summer, temperatures can get high
  • Hiking boots. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended for the sometimes rough paths of the island
  • Food and drink. Bring your own lunch and settle down at one of the picnic areas on the beach
FERRYGOGO TIP – There is just one restaurant on Isla de Lobos: Chirinquito Lobos Antonito El Farero. There are two dishes on the menu: freshly caught fish and paella. Do you want to eat here? Book a table in person, as soon as you arrive on the island.

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Hiking on Fuerteventura

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